Armored Saint live at The Whisky A Go Go

Armored Saint live at The Whisky A Go Go


  • Armored Saint


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Armored Saint are famous for their live performances.

With the pandemic having meant that no crowds can attend gigs for the forseeable future, the band decided to try something new. A livestream from the Whisky A Go Go, to celebrate the upcoming release of their new album Punching The Sky.

The band started off with two absolute classics in “Never You Fret,” and “Pay Dirt,” which got the show going and set the tone. You could tell that whilst the band were still coming to grips with the new set up, they were filled with energy and wanted to show off what they could do.

From there, the band moved into some newer material, specifically from their upcoming album. “End Of The Attention Spain,” hits seriously hard and ruminates on the condition of the human mind. “Standing On The Shoulder of Giants,” is an anthemic call to arms, that takes no shit and demands to be heard. The chorus and the opening vocal lines are some of the most powerful pieces of music that have been released this year. Seeing the band perform this song with a smile on their faces was something to behold.

Then came the classics. “Isolation,” a fitting song for the times we’re in soared on the periphery and pushed everyone to the edge, whilst “Left Hook From Right Field,” and “On The Way,” truly captured the spirit of Armored Saint.

Finishing up with “Reign of Fire,” and “Can U Deliver,” was a masterstroke as it ended the show with a one two solid punch that truly allowed the band to shine.

Whilst we may not be able to see shows in person for some time, if Armored Saint’s live stream is anything to go by, the music scene could well be in safe hands.