‘II,’  by Archon Angel


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Wake of Emptiness,” is the epic opener for the new Archon Angel album II. The perfect mix of melodic, heavy and chaotic. A song that sets the scene for everything that is to come, it burnishes and excites.

“Fortress,” runs through. Riff heavy and confident, filled with swagger, it turns toward the growing space of time.

“Away From The Sun,” has the ambience and the power. A riff that drives through the desert storm, bringing the light and the quickness into feel and being.

“I Will Return,” gallops and contorts. A song that hits all the right notes, brimming with confidence and time, sundering and reaching out for the bright.

“Bullet Proof,” hits the stream, slashing through the great beyond with a patience that derides the greatness of the itch.

“Lake of Fire,” is the epic finisher. A song that derives great pleasure from bringing together subtle hints of melody, darkness and power. A finale that fits with the theme of the album.

The record is out on 14th April via Frontiers Music.