‘Fallen’ by Archon Angel


  • Zak Stevens / Vocals

  • Aldo Lonobile / Guitar

  • Antonio Agate / Keyboards

  • Yves Campion / Bass

  • Marco Lazzarini / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Fallen

  • The Serpent

  • Rise

  • Under The Spell

  • Twilight

  • Faces Of Innocence

  • Hit The Wall

  • Who’s In The Mirror

  • Brought To The Edge

  • Return Of The Storm

“Fallen,” kicks off with a piano melody that slowly fades into heavy riffs. The shredding lead comes in shortly after. The vocals are haunting and passionate. A great way to kick off the album.

“The Serpent,” is orchestral, and filled with energy and passion. Driving the day it moves forward into a sinking swamp of despair.

“Rise,” is aggressive and forward moving. It takes a turn this way and that, slowly carving up the streams for all the world to see.

“Under The Spell,” brings the piano work back. Allowing for the growth of differing ideas and melodies, the chaos slowly works its way into being and finishes off with a flourish.

“Twilight,” rolls in hard. Sharply bringing into focus the twists and turns of the light brigade, and allowing the listener to truly grasp the turning tide.

“Faces of Innocence,” is a riff sandwich. It drives the day with perfection, allowing for some serious growth. There’s an energy in the song that really hooks the listener in.

“Hit The Wall,” bulldozes into being. Filled with passion and clarity, it snakes its way through and hits the listener with everything it’s got.

“Who’s In The Mirror,” snakes its way through and into the listener’s inner thought process. Slowly bringing the world into a storm.

“Brought To The Edge,” takes on a slightly different flavour with the acoustic guitar melodies and the vocals.

“Return Of The Storm,” is an epic finisher.

The album is out on 14th February via Frontiers Music.