‘Legal At Last’ by Anvil


  • Steven Kudlow / Vocals and Guitar

  • Robb Reiner / Drums

  • Chris Robertson / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Legal At Last

  • Nabbed In Nebraska

  • Chemtrails

  • Gasoline

  • I’m Alive

  • Talking To The Wall

  • Glass House

  • Plastic In Paradise

  • Food For The Vulture

  • Said And Done

  • No Time

“Legal At Last,” kicks things off. It’s a barnstormer.

“Nabbed In Nebraska,” is a riff rager. Kicking the listener in the teeth and making them enjoy it, quite thoroughly, as is the Anvil way.

“Chemtrails,” rolls with the punches. Quite literally.

“Gasoline,” tears up the manual and throws it into the dustbin of history and produces more energy than anything.

“I’m Alive,” is a rocking monster of a song.

“Talking To The Wall,” gets big and then goes hard.

“Glass House,” slowly thunders into being and shakes the roof.

“Plastic In Paradise,” gets things going and going hard.

“Bottom Line,” hits hard, and rightly so given the song title.

“Food For The Vulture,” roars into being and produces something quite magnificent.

“Said and Done,” roars and powers through the mighty fortress of sound.

“No Time,” is a rager.

The album is out on 14th February via AFM Records.