‘Mirrors And Screens’ by AnthenorA


  • Luigi “Gigi” Bonansea  / Vocals

  • Stefano “Pooma” Pomero  / Guitar

  • Samuele “Peyo” Peirano / Bass

  • Gabriele “Gabri” Bruni / Guitar

  • Fabio “Smaro” Smareglia  / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Intro

  • Tiresias

  • Alive

  • 30th

  • Digital Feelings

  • Funny Fricky Killer

  • Bully Lover

  • Low Hero

  • No Easy Way Out

  • Like

  • Peter Pan

  • No…So What?!

  • War & Peace

Anthenora return with their first new album in a decade, and it is one hell of an album.

“Intro/Tiresias,” is a blistering sonnet to the destruction of everything whilst mixing together some serious catchy melodies and harmonies. The vocals bite and snarl and the listener is immediately hooked. “Alive,” rolls with the punches bringing an anthemic quality to the song and delivering a massive push toward the optimal limit of time and space. “30th,” moves with swagger and bite, swishing through the turnstiles, slowly elevating the push and pull factor, switching things through for the dynamite of the world.

“Low Hero,” is anthemic, taking the bull by the horns, swishing through the turns and then delivering a kick in the gut. It hits right to the heart of the band’s ethos and shows them for the paragons of progress that they are. “No Easy Way Out,” rolls with the thunder. Turning through and twisting the consensus until it benefits itself, and delivering an important message in the process. “Like,” gets its swagger on, in a massive manner.

“Peter Pan,” swaggers and narrates the tale of the boy who never grew up, with dire consequences. A song that moves, grooves and shakes with energy and precision. “No…So What?!” snarls and slaps, a riff heavy song that drives through the push with conviction and power. “War&Peace,” mixes things up, shifting through the gears, producing things that are steadily more on board with an epic direction before completley cutting loose.

The album is out on November 27th.