The legendary rock band are back with their new album Killing Demons an album that is sure to excite listeners and bring them new fans.

“Strikeforce,” kicks things into gear with a soaring riff that would make anyone shit themselves with joy. It’s a furious rocker and one that sets the tone nicely. “Cyber Spy,” gallops and jolts through and through, never quite giving the listener breathing room to think something else. “Death Mill,” is haunting and bone chilling. The acoustic guitar blends well with the shredding solos. “Black Heart,” rocks the fuck out. It pushes the real boundary of what is and isn’t acceptable and shows that there is life within the old dog yet.

“Killing Demons,” the title track is filled with energy and grace. Powering through one way and then another, it shows that there is some serious bite within the band. “The Dream That Stood Aline,” takes a sharp one two and brings about some serious thoughtful melodical arrangements. “Killing Me,” a brutal rocker. “Metal Gods,” the cover of the Judas Priest classic, is everything.

The album is out now via Rockshots Records.