‘IV’ by Angband


  • Tim Aymar / Vocals

  • Mahyar Dean / Guitar

  • Ramin Rahimi / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Fighters

  • Visions In My Head

  • Atena

  • Mirage

  • Nights Of Tehran

  • Insane

  • Cyrus The Great

  • Children Of War

  • The Blind Watchmaker

“Fighters,” barrels into being. The opening salvo sees one meaty riff after another come flourishing into being. The vocals bite with power and energy, the melodies weave their way into the listener’s consciousness, ensuring that everything sticks together.

“Visions In My Head,” moves with slow pace towards something both fascinating and intriguing. The melodies that weave their way through set the scene quite nicely, and the instrumentation sets the pace.

“Atena,” hits hard. A song that is backed up by a powerful riff that soars and seers into being, shows off the talents of the band and encourages the listener to take the dive into being.

“Mirage,” moves in great speed with harmonies leading the charge. The vocals push things through and narrate the story of the world gone mad.

“Nights Of Tehran,” slows things down. The instrumentation makes the proceedings thoughtful, the vocals bring in a fascinating story, all set to the burgeoning blues backdrop.

“Insane,” steps up the pressure, slamming things into being and demanding that they be taken into account. The guitars work overtime to produce something mystical and magical.

“Cyrus The Great,” tells the tale of the legendary Persian King. The instrumentation is heavy as anything, the rhythm pounds away and drills itself into the listener’s mind. The vocals swoop in and around, bringing some fascinating turns.

“Children Of War,” snarls into being. The vocals are harsh and demanding, the instrumentation fits itself around this, ensuring a subtle twist here and there.

“The Blind Watchmaker,” is the epic finale. It finds itself twisting and turning through the subtle variants of time, producing a world without end.

The album is out on 24th July, be sure to get it!