‘Hell On Earth’ by Ancillotti


  • Daniele Ancillotti / Vocals

  • Luciano Toscani / Guitar

  • Sandro Ancillotti / Bass

  • Brian Ancillotti / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Fighting Man

  • Revolution

  • Firewind

  • We Are Coming

  • Blessed By Fire

  • Broken Arrow

  • Another World

  • Frankenstein

  • Till The End

Ancillotti, Italy’s finest return with a new album entitled¬†Hell On Earth, a fitting title for the current pandemic sweeping the world.

“Fighting Man,” starts off dramatically. The roar of battle echoes in the listener’s ears and it is clear that Ancillotti mean business. As the song really gets into gear, there’s a absolutely magnificent riff that gets things going. It gets the heart pumping and the blood moving and when the vocals come in, you know you’re in for a good time.

“Revolution,” another song that is fast and furious, one that moves with power and time. Ancillotti do not hold back the sound barrier and ensure that everyone knows their skill and talent.

“Firewind,” haunts the plains. Setting the scene for the chaos to come. As the song progresses, one can hear the influences of some serious voodoo on the band. There’s a burning passion for the righting of old wrongs within the melody and the tempo of the song. A standout track for sure.

“We Are Coming,” is old school metal at its finest. Ancillotti hold nothing back, pushing the ropes as far as they can go.

“Blessed By Fire,” is a riff sandwich. A song that shows off just how much knowledge Ancillotti have on the procedures that are coming their way. They’re weaving their way through the barricade and ensuring everyone follows.

“Broken Arrow,” stops and starts. Shifting through the tenor of the world with more and more shifting parts. It works its way through the tenor and the tempo and ensures that the listener is hooked from the first get go.

“Another World,” is frenetic and terrifying in places. It shifts down the line and pushes the arrow in some parts, whilst drawing it back in others. A song that truly lets loose.

“Frankenstein,” is heavy as all hell. Ancillotti show off their chops on a song about man trying to play god. A song that really captures the essence of the absurdity of modern man.

“Till The End,” is a battering ram. A song that codifies all that has gone before and ensures the listener knows just where to come in their hour of need.

The album is out on May 29th.