‘The New Prophecy’ by Ancient Curse


  • Pepe Pierez / Vocals and Guitar

  • Gunnar Erxleben / Guitar

  • Thorsten Penz / Bass

  • Matthias Schroder / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • We Follow The Signs

  • Fire and Ice

  • The Shadow

  • Man of The Storm

  • Hypnotize

  • One Moment Of Fortune

  • Forever Young

  • Mind Chaos

  • The New Prophecy

Ancient Curse, a legendary metal band return with their first new album in a good many years. And boy was the wait worth it.

“We Follow The Signs,” kicks off proceedings with a melodic acoustic interval, the melodies switch within one another before giving way to a thunderous electric riff. As the song progresses, one can see some of their influences seeping through. There is some serious bombast here, particularly in the choral vocals. A brilliant opener from Ancient Curse.

“Fire and Ice,” hits like a thunderstorm, immediate and shocking, before settling down into a immediate tempest. Ancient Curse allow their melodic side to shine through on occasion making the choruses particularly memorable.

“The Shadow,” is pure perfection. The guitar melodies move into perfect synchronisation, delving deep into a world of unknown possibilities. The vocals are sharp and biting, narrating a story that is sure to deliver.

“Men Of The Storm,” is haunting. A song that enables Pepe Pierez, vocalist for Ancient Curse to really shine through. The darkened path of history has a light shone on it enabling chills to be created.

“Hypnotize,” is a masterclass in subtle divergences and shifting tempests. A song that dives in and out of differing tonalities.

“One Moment of Fortune,” slows things down ever so slightly, enabling the listener to shift and change their tonal thoughts. It also enables Ancient Curse to dig deep into the reserve.

“Forever Young,” is a monstrous riff topia, a song that moves through the progression of time without a care in the world. It narrates the folly of youth and delivers a slap in the face for all.

“Mind Chaos,” shifts into thoughtful and collective mode, enabling the listener to truly embrace their inner sage as it were. The guitars darken the blackened sun with their distortion and as they move into harmony, the world turns a little lighter. The perfect movement of tonality is found within this song.

“The New Prophecy,” is Ancient Curse at their hardest and fastest. An absolute blinder of a song.

The album is out on May 29th.