What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

I just use my first and middle name, Marysa Eve. I like the spelling of my name, as I was named after my great-grandmother Mary. The name Marysa means queen of the sea, which is fitting considering my affinity for the ocean.

How do you approach songwriting?

I prefer to start with lyrics and then follow with chords. My lyrics are often written in hindsight of a situation, rarely do I write when I am still in the present moment. Often, I write a song when a piece of the past resurfaces, and this triggers a need for emotional release that inspires the song. I lean heavily on literary devices, particularly metaphors and old sayings from my parents. I have a background in poetry and actually published an anthology; I think this shows a bit in my lyrics. In terms of content, because I am always abroad training horses, I have plenty of stories, and a plethora of very meaningful, often fleeting relationships with people I encounter in such foreign corners of the world. These connects are usually what spurs a song out of me.

Why do you write the music that you do?

I’ve never been asked this before. My first band, Brontide, was an indie band that proved to be a great learning experience for the four years I was in high school. I wouldn’t say we had the maturity as artists to fully define our sound, but my second band for the 3 years I lived in Philadelphia for university was distinctly alternative rock, with a fairly heavy sound and funk/dance undertones to most of the tracks. I think both of these experiences of collaborative writing, combined with the music I liked to listen to in comparison to my fellow bandmates, sent me in the direction of indie folk. I wanted songs that really showcased the words I’d written, and that weren’t quite as heavy, and held some sort of ethereal sound that would link the music to nature, the seasons, the outdoors, time, weather.

How do you decide what to perform live?

Unfortunately due to covid, and then several international positions training horses, I have not had many chances to play a live set of only my music yet. I should be in London playing in a few live settings hopefully this October! In the past, I’ve chosen songs for performances based completely on what I thought the audience would respond best to. I really consider songs a gift, I hope that the words resonate and provide some empathy for those who took time to listen. So however the audience appears, I try to play for them what will make them happiest.

What plans do you have for the future?

My plans for the future! It’s funny, because I break and train horses for showjumping in at the moment, and my fellow riders here in Germany often joke that our future plans are simply to stay alive, to make it to the next day of riding very young, very explosive creatures. I’m very fortunate to have two parallel passions, writing and performing music, and training horses. I believe my life will always have both in the foreground, although as my career in the music industry hopefully continues to expand, I will continue riding in perhaps a less demanding part of the equine industry so as to perform more regularly, continue writing, and record more frequently. The plan for the short term future is to record a few more songs this year, to be released likely as singles in 2023. Next will be an EP, and hopefully touring in the longer term future.