What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

I’d love to say something super epic but reality is it just sounded cool to us. We wanted something that would represent the sound we wanted to make. Luna sounds dark and moody like the moon, kiss is a little sexy…

We’re influenced by a lot of things. Musically we grew up with bands like Floyd, rancid, Greenday, zeppelin so our routes are very music rock.

How do you approach songwriting?

For this latest release cycle we’re releasing a track every 8 weeks throughout 2022. The lyrical thread running throughout all the songs pulls a lot on romance, relationships and heartache. Each of the songs really explores different moments of that journey from the lust and excitement all the way to break up, anger, and the crazy stuff that comes with it. For me as a lyricist, I want to bring positivity to everything we right. Whilst the themes like Lust For Blood can be dark, I want our listeners to fee empowered by our songs and lyrics.

Why do you write the music that you do?

Rock and roll is in our blood. It has been since we were kids. Like we said, we grew up on rock music. In the early 2000s at the height of the Emo and scene movement bands like My Chemical Romance, Biffy Clyro, Thrice, Funeral for A Friend really showed us the possibilities of being in that world. We just love what we do. We love to write, we love to record, we live for performing and we love meeting new fans and visiting new places.

How do you decide what songs to perform live?

Luna Kiss sets are high energy, fun, and big. We love to keep our audience on their toes and having a good time. We usually go balls to the wall and throw a cheeky soft one in for a bit of a breather (mostly for my voice). Our live set is always an extension of the record so we love to extend bridges, solos and really try and immerse our audience in the music with us.

What plans do you have for the future?

We are dropping our 3rd single All On Me on May 27th, followed by a music video. This year as mentioned we have loads of music coming out so our focus is making sure we do it justice, tour a lot and meet our current and new fans as much as possible.