What inspired the name of the band? What are your influences and are they the same as when you started out?

It represents a parallel between modern society and that of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed by God for their vanity, excess, hedonism and sin. We are heavily influenced by Black, Death and Thrash Metal. Kreator, Cannibal Corpse, Emperor, Limbonic Art, Exodus, Hate Eternal, Morbid Angel etc…

How do you approach songwriting?

We always approach a track with a concept in mind but what comes out when we start to play/record is just a natural progression. We just play something and go from there. It really helps to have a wide range of flexibility when working on a track; you’re not restricting yourself or your creativity to one sound.

Why do you write the sort of music that you do?

For me, metal music has always been the perfect canvas. You can express any emotion through it, paint any picture, explore any time or place in it. I feel more creative freedom writing metal music than I do any other style. We enjoy crafting our own lore, creating our own stories. We also enjoy history, culture, and literature. We can draw inspiration from anywhere.

How do you decide what to perform live?

While we are still looking at live performances as long term goal, we do have a working idea on what songs we could perform live and how we would set them up. It would take some help from other musicians and friends who can help set up the stage, but I feel confident that we could put on one hell of a performance. Anthems of Gomorrah has some killer material that would blow an audience away. Don’t believe me? Check us out!

What plans do you have for the future?

As mentioned previously, we are looking at live performances sometimes in the far future. But we’re also feverishly writing and recording new material. Our next album, ‘Aelvica II’ will be released on August 15th, 2022 and then our Debasement album will release in September. Two different recordings, two different styles of Metal (Melodic Black/Death for Aelvica and straightforward Blackened Death Metal for Debasement).

Anthems of Gomorrah has a bright and promising future, and we hope you’ll join us for the journey!