Britain has always produced some of the greatest metal bands to walk the face of the Earth. Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Diamond Head and Judas Priest to name a few. Amulet are quickly earning a reputation that will see them put alongside those legends in due course. The Inevitable War is an absolute masterpiece.

“The Satanist,” moves with collective ease and grace, slowly shifting into overdrive when the moment calls for it, and then slowing down to fit the appropriate edges. “Shockwave,” comes in with a ballsy riff and takes the turn and the twist with shimmering edges and a galloping snarl. “Burning Hammer,” pounds away. The drums lead the charge, and one knows that this is going to be an absolute burner when performed live. “Call Of The Siren,” is epic. It shifts and changes with the calling of the melodies. Turning into an absolutely epic number.

“La Noche de Las Graviotas,” mixes things up. The acoustic intro shifts and turns, the melodies are collectively eased into one being and then the next.  They lend themselves into “Siege Machine,” quite nicely, a burning monster of a song that gallops and roars with ease.  “Gateway To Hell,” is an anthem, with raucous choruses, and some pounding riffage. A song that is bound to get people pumped when performed live. “Poison Chalice,” mixes things up quite well, taking a twist and a turn here. It brings some Iron Maiden type melodies to the fore and turns it up by eleven. “Roundhead,” is the epic final closer. It gallops, it soothes itself in, and it roars into being. Producing the music that is sure to inspire a generation.

The album is out on 17th May via Dissonance Productions. Don’t be a fool, be sure to get the album!