“Leaving Me Behind,” takes a turn and a twist here and there, bringing some fascinating elements of the core to it. “Loneliness,” is ethereal and beautiful, hooked on a melody line or two. “Solid Gone,” takes charge, bringing through the nightsphere, and ensuring the listener is fascinated by what’s approaching. “Joe Meek Shall Inherit The Earth,” is jangling and echoey in the best possible way. “Ghosted,” contains the piano sphere that takes the line through the sand and magnifies it. “People Are Dangerous,” is filled with an interesting mix of winding slow bokes, and fascinating changes in the melodies.

“Wasted On Me,” takes the time to really grow and shift with the changing winds. “Futuristic Paranoia,” takes time and brings in some life to proceedings. “Master of Disguise,” comes in like a wrecking ball. “Fake Flowers,” throws down. “Thanks For Sharing,” takes time and builds a case on the edge.

The album is out now.