cryptic visions artwork.jpg

They’re part of the New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal, and they sound eerily like Brocas Helm, Allagash present their new album Cryptic Visions for your perusal.

“Intro,” is naturally haunting and ethereal. “Beware The Light,” is a stormfront coming off the cold and smashing through everything with grace and energy, demanding that it be paid attention to. The vocals are powerful. “Evil Intent,” smacks through the surroundings, turning the ball this way and that, slowly growing with chance and permanence. “Strange Metal,” has that aura of invincibility about it, twisting through the ends and ensuring the listeners are hooked.

“From The Dark,” has the aura of a song that is going to be a huge sensation. It moves with a twist and slake, slowly bringing the winds out and through. “Privacy Invaders,” are turning and twisting, throwing into being the minds of a whirlwind. “Under Watchful Skies,” haunting and dark. “Eagle Lake,” is the surmounting epic song that brings about something new and refreshing for all to see.

The album is out now.