‘Blue’ by All Nine Yards


  • E.D. Matthews / Vocals

  • MARC / Guitar

  • Thomas / Guitar

  • Kris / Bass

  • MARC  / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • True Lies

  • Monsters Dancing

  • The Hunt

  • Out Of The Light

  • Wrong Side Of Mercy

  • Creatures Of The Night

  • Leave My Scars Alone

  • More Than A Memory

  • Predator

  • Soul Asylum

  • The Jester

  • Room 101

“True Lies,”kicks off the debut album by All Nine Yards, and boy is it a ripper. The riffs grab the listener by the throat and don’t let go throughout the bombast and the snarling.

“Monsters Dancing,” goes full throttle. The riffs take charge and dominate proceedings, pushing throughout the timesphere.

“The Hunt,” mixes things up a little going, for a shuffle and then a stop and start.

“Out Of The Light,” slithers through the timescope, pushing the land through time and space, and ensuring that the listener knows just where to listen for subtle changes.

“Wrong Side of Mercy,” snarls with attitude, capturing the poltergeist.

“Creatures Of The Night,” dangles full throatily into the darkness and mixes electronica with subtle rhythms.

“Leave My Scars Alone,” is anger and pain mixed together for a full throttled approach.

“More Than A Memory,” hits hard, shimmering through the zeitgeist.

“Predator,” slithers and shakes, filling the ground with a swelling of anger.

“Soul Asylum,” hits the ground running and keeps going.

“The Jester,” slams down hard, pushing boundaries.

“Room 101,” finishes with energy and power.

The album is out on 14th August.