All Hell.The Witch's Grail.3000x3000.jpg

“La Bas,” slowly weaves a tale, painting a darkened image of those coming to listen at the altar, before twisting and turning the knife ever further in. A great opening track. “Sorcery and Sanctity,” is fast moving, a growler and one that is sure to get people moving into the twist. “Tonight We Ride,” roars in defiance and delivers¬† a thunderous performance. “Black Blood,” grooves and slithers through the weans. “Into The Trees,” continues the rampant assault.

“Where Devils Once Danced,” keeps things going with an interesting movement into the darkened sky. “Fleurs du Mal,” sneaks away and twists the ends through the fire. “Marble Embrace,” twists and turns and shifts through the chaos. “The Witch’s Grail,” snarls and bites, snaking through the twisting winds of pain. “The Invisible World,” brings some refreshing honesty to the table and shifts the table thoroughly.

The album is out now via Prosthetic Records.