“Vastaus,” is haunting and ethereal, it marches through the line and takes a turn here and there, ensuring that the listener is instantly wanting more. “Nakyva,” takes a thundering hammer to the face of the listener and does not let it leave for any length of time or reason. “Binary Stars,” shifts in and out, weaving a nice little spell to enchant the listener. “Osa Minua,” takes a turn here and there, before slowly shifting and weaving itself in on the listener. “Vaieneet,” turns and twists, bringing about some interesting melodical work and slowly changing the dynamics.

“Vaapaksi,” is another haunting song, with some seriously big melodies that then drives itself into overdrive. “Riisuttu,” another song that brings together a great many elements and allows them to shift and change. “Haukka,” a grumbling beast of a song that turns and twists within the melodies for time.

The album is out on 7th June via Inverse Records.