‘Circle’s End’ by Alarum


  • Mark Palfreyman / Vocals  and Bass

  • Scott Young / Guitar

  • John Sanders / Guitar

  • Ben Hocking / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Sphere Of Influence

  • Syzygy

  • Delta

  • Crystals

  • Sand

  • War Of Nerves

  • In Spiral

  • Thoughts To Measure

  • Circle’s End

  • Sojourn

“Sphere Of Influence,”kicks proceedings off. A meshing together of different techniques and time signatures that flow together fascinatingly well.

“Syzgy,” rolls and turns, pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable to new levels and demonstrating a cause and effect.

“Delta,” rolls in hard. It pushes the riot forward and twists the knife ever so slightly.

“Crystals,” moves with grace and speed, shifting the timer and pushing the bleeder through.

“Sand,” slowly works its way through, bringing together an interesting merging of power and precision.

“War of Nerves,” works into overtime, pushing the effectiveness of the group forward and turning it on its head.

“In Spiral,” works the dangerzone, turning and pushing, pulsating with energy.

“Thoughts To Measure,” works the listener, getting them invested then smacking them in the face.

“Circle’s End,” rolls the dice, turning and shifting ever so slightly.

“Sojourn,” moves with the elements.

The album is out on 19th June.