‘The NeverEnding Show: Live In The Netherlands’ by Alan Parsons


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“One Note Symphony,” starts things off with a raucous interlude, shimmering through the strands of time to deliver the goods.

“Don’t Answer Me,” turns and twists. Bringing something intriguing to the fore.

“Breakdown and The Raven,” get the groove going, twisting and turning inside and out.

“Psychobabble,” rummages and twists. A song and a leap through the turning tide.

“Don’t Let It Show,” shimmers and twists.

“Limelight,” hints and breaks, pushing through chaos and tumultuousness to develop the goods.

“As Light Fall,” creeps along the pathway, illuminating the turning and twisting of magical properties.

“Primetime,” shimmers unto the growing madness of time.

“Old and Wise,” develops and devolves.

“Games People Play,” hits the right notes and gets people going.

The album is out on 5th November via Frontiers Music.