‘All Hail The King’ by Against Evil


  • Siri / Vocals and Bass

  • Sravan / Guitar

  • Shasank / Guitar

  • Noble John / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Enemy At The Gates

  • The Army Of Four

  • All Hail The King

  • Stand Up And Fight!

  • Sentenced To Death

  • Bad Luck

  • We Won’t Stop

  • Gods Of Metal

  • Mean Machine

Against Evil hail from Visakhapatnam, India and deliver some stonking heavy metal.

“Enemy At The Gates,” starts off proceedings. The acoustic guitars have a slight subtle intonation that informs the listener that something grand and majestic is about to happen.

“The Army Of Four,” comes in then with a straight laced riff. The drums provide that headbanging melody, allowing the listener to truly grasp the scope of what they’re hearing. As the song progresses, the vocals come in, blaring like a siren’s call. This is a defiant opening statement.

“All Hail The King,” roars into being. The riffs that flow through this song are filled with pride and energy. There’s something about the texture of it all that lends a certain grandeur to proceedings, and really makes the listener stand to attention. The little vocal dents here and there add a nice touch.

“Stand Up and Fight,” is an interesting song. One that leads by example. The opening riff is a cool running style riff, and the vocals that come in help set the narrative. Ensuring the listener is intrigued from the beginning. One can definitely hear this song being sung back live.

“Sentenced To Death,” is a bit of a blitzkrieg of a song. A furious introductory riff sets the scene, allowing the listener to really get a feel of where things are going. The vocals are powerful and enticing, encouraging the mind to paint a picture. Jeff Loomis’ features on the shredding solo and perfectly captures the mood of the song.

“Bad Luck,” thunders into being, a defiant swansong. A song that is definitely a riff chaser and one that will get the blood pumping when turned up to eleven.

“We Won’t Stop,” is a furious collection of riffs and speed. Turning through the cycles into a monster of a song, it continues on this pathway through the fortitude of time and delivers a killing blow.

“Gods Of Metal,” is an absolute shredding machine, one that constantly pushes boundaries and demands to be heard. The band are finely tuned to one another, every twist and turn is seemingly orchestrated to perfection. A well crafted song.

“Mean Machine,” is a balls to the walls finisher, and one that bleeds intention and meaning.