‘Far Flung Realm’ by Adamantis


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Into The Realm

  • Unbound Souls

  • Misbegotten Dream

  • Puppeteers Bane

  • Fire and Brimstone

  • Imagination

  • Journey’s End

  • Oracle’s Prophecy

  • Second Sight

  • Siege of Arkona

  • Voron The Ravensong

Adamantis delve deep into the depths of prophecy and mysticism on their new album.

“Into The Realm,” merging into “Unbound Souls,” is phenomenal and really captures the spirit of the band. There are some shifting rhythms, with a twist in the myth that really grab the listener by the neck.

“Fire and Brimstone,” is followed by “Imagination,” both songs showing off the skill and dexterity of the band and how far they’re willing to go to really push boundaries. Songs that shine a light and turn in the myth.

Then there’s the grand finale of “Siege of Arkona,” and “Voron The Ravensong,” which are suitably epic and truly bound through the lines of time to show off where they’re touching ground.

A brilliant album that’s out on October 23rd.