‘Chapter 1 Revisited’ by Ad Infinitum


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Infected Monarchy,” starts things off, a haunting melody to capture the spirit of the times. Shifting through the whirlwind whilst giving Melissa Bonny the chance to really shine. “Marching On Versailles,” pushes to the extremity whilst maintaining an intricate sense of being and placement. “Maleficent,” mixes things up, throwing together a shifting tenure and pattern to grow from within the winds of time. “See You In Hell,” mixes it all together, bringing Bonny’s vocals to the forefront.

“Live Before You Die,” pushes things to another level, slamming down the boardwalk and getting the listener full engaged in all that is occurring. “Revenge,” sweeps the catacombs, swirling through the decaying spark and delivering something reflective of a change in mood and government. “Demons,” eases through the turntale, delivering something intricate and ferocious whilst sticking with the acoustic theme. “Tell Me Why,” saunters on through shifting the precipous toward the darkness.