‘Chapter 1: Monarchy’ by Ad Infinitum


  • Melissa Bonny / Vocals

  • Adrian Theßenvitz / Guitar

  • Jonas Asplind / Bass

  • Niklas Muller / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Infected Monarchy

  • Marching On Versailles

  • Maleficient

  • See You In Hell

  • I Am The Storm

  • Fire and Ice

  • Live Before You Die

  • Revenge

  • Demons

  • Tell Me Why

“Infected Monarchy,”kicks off this album by Ad Infinitum. It sways from one side to another, bringing the elements to the fore and pushing the boundaries of what is and isn’t acceptable. It shows off different sides of humanity and really gets into the nitty gritty.

“Marching On Versailles,” is anthemic. A song that really captures the story that it is telling. The vocals are simply superb throughout.

“Maleficient,” thunders into being and gets quite anthemic, pretty quickly driving the moment and pushing the scene right into being.

“See You In Hell,” slows things down a touch, and steadily builds them back up again. Unleashing chaos and madness for all to assess.

“I Am The Storm,” pulsates with energy and chaos. It turns through the darkness and brings together something compelling and fascinating.

“Fire and Ice,” slows things down with the piano melody blending together different factors and feelings. As it progresses, one gets the sense that this will be the song that gets crowds to get their lighters out.

“Live Before You Die,” twists through the shards. It brings together an interesting little ditty. Fuelled by the guitars, the vocals soar onto another plain completely.

“Revenge,”  moves ever so slowly into the monstrous factionalism of the past. It shows off the dangers of the mind, all the while providing an epic background soundtrack.

“Demons,” snarls into being. A true symphonic masterpiece, this song will no doubt become a hit when performed live.

“Tell Me Why,” shifts the dial ever so slightly, winding through the scripture and dangling the prospect of more before the listener. The perfect closer.

The album is out on 3rd April via Napalm Records.