‘Colours’ by Ace Rosewall


  • Ace Rosewell / Vocals

  • Ellie East / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Morning After

  • For You

  • I Don’t Think They Know

  • Old Lover

“Morning After,” is funky. A groovy opener for this opener by Ace Rosewell on his return to Denmark after three years in London. The song traverses through some fascinating events on nights out during the summer. Something that will no doubt be relatable for his fans and the casual listener.

“For You,” a song that slows down and starts getting reflective. It brings about some stirrings of emotion in the listener that may or may not be welcome. Either way, it gets things going and drives the point home.

“Fascinating Events”

“I Don’t Think They Know,” is catchy and groovy and hints at some Ed Sheeran influences. A brilliant song that picks the EP up.

“Old Lover,” finishes things off with some soulful pondering and a dynamic guitar rhythm.


If you’re a fan of Ed Sheeran be sure to pick up this E.P. which is out now via Target Records.