‘Origins Vol.2’ by Ace Frehley


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Good Times, Bad Times

  • Never In My Life

  • Space Truckin’

  • I’m Down

  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash

  • Politician

  • Lola

  • 30 Days In The Hole

  • Manic Depression

  • Kicks

  • We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

  • She

Ace Frehley, the Space Ace, is back with a brand new covers album detailing his origins.

“Good Times, Bad Times,” opens things up. It is an absolute rocker of a song, and Ace’s vocals are a nice blend for the changing climate. The guitars are heavy as you would expect. A great opener.

“Never In My Life,” is seven kinds of heavy, splashing through the debris of sound and pushing through. The swagger of the main riff is given some new meaning thanks to Ace’s tone and style.

“Space Truckin,” the Deep Purple classic, sees things into a new age. Heavy and melodic, and filled with swagger.

“I’m Down,” brings Ace’s groove to The Beatles.

“Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” gets a makeover, making it even better than before. Ace Frehley’s tone and his swagger are all over this song. One can definitely imagine this being played live and getting the crowd going. Lita Ford is powerful on  vocals.

“Politician,” moves with swagger and bite.

“Lola,” The Kinks classic gets a heavy makeover, bringing Ace’s classic brand of vocals to the fore. The space man is back.

“30 Days In The Hole,” is heavy as anything. Swaggering through the timeland.

“Manic Depression,” rolls through the screwdrivers and gets the guitars going through.

“Kicks,” swaggers through the landmine. Ace is on fire throughout the song.

“We Gotta Get Out Of This Place,” swaggers and grinds, bumping through the land and delivering something upbeat and filled with grace.

“She,” the Kiss Klassic makes an appearance right at the end. Ace takes the song and runs with it. A few flourishes here and there, bring some new light to proceedings and ensure the listener knows where they are.

Be sure to get this absolute blinder of an album when it is released on 18th September via eOne/SPV