‘Fire In The Sky’ by Absolva


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition


“Demon Tormentor,” starts things off with a bang. Duelling guitars harmonise to cascade through the speakers and twist into a gnarly story, retelling the venture and the hope. The vocals bite and soar through toward demonstrations of power.

“Addiction,” is filled with swagger, turning the groove inside and out. A rip-roaring guitar solo cascades together with an element of surprise and nuance.

“Stand Your Ground,” hits the hammer hard, slithering through the coils and bringing about something refined and hard.

“Fire In The Sky,” lets loose. A song that shows off the ability of the band to thrash and jive.

“Galloglaigh,” turns through, slithering inside and out with the wreckage of time and space, haunting the periphery. As the song proper kicks off the listener is treated to something truly on fire.

“Refuse To Die,” is anthemic, bringing together the solid chops of time with the pressing sense of the whirlwind.

The album is out on 18th February via Rocksector Records.