‘Infidel’ by Ambush


  • Oskar Jacobsson / Vocals

  • Linus Fritzson / Drums

  • Olof Engkvist / Guitar

  • Adam Hagelin  / Guitars

  • Ludwig Sjöholm / Bass


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Infidel

  • Yperite

  • Leave Them To Die

  • Hellbiter

  • The Summoning

  • The Demon Within

  • A Silent Killer

  • Iron Helm of War

  • Heart Of Stone

  • Lust For Blood

Ambush, a band who have constantly defied the odds to bring towering metal from Swedish heights, bring their new album entitled Infidel to the masses on 13th March.

“Infidel,” the title track kicks things off. A jagged riff brings the beat in hard, slowly turning through the chimes and ensuring that the listener is immediately hooked. The vocals bite with precision and bring the story to life as the world unfolds before it. A strong opener.

“Yperite,” has echoes of Judas Priest in the pace and rhythm. The riffs are straight and to the point, the drums bounding through to set the tone quite nicely. The vocals set the scene quite nicely, and bring about a mood of anticipation for all.

“Leave The To Die,” rolls in hard and fast. Turning through the screws and delivering a sharp hit of energy to the listener. A song that is sure to get people going when performed live.

“Hellbiter,” is the big one so far on this album. Filled with perfect riffs and a moving beat, it keeps the energy going and brings the listener fully into the pantheon of the band. The lyrics are a fascinating fit for the song, and really add an extra layer of depth to proceedings.

“The Summoning,” goes instrumental, and takes a very sharp turn into proceedings. It works its way through the blackened night to really fill the listener with dread at what might be next.

“The Demon Within,” is all energy. Big and bold melodies and guitar riffs intertwine with a thrilling complexion that takes the story to a whole new level. Slowly but surely, the world grows and expands out into the widening chasm of space and time.

“A Silent Killer,” is palm mute central. The riffs in this song bound out from the beginning, and deliver a sharply worded warning to all comers. This is a band that don’t know what a dud is, and they are going to take the world by storm.

“Iron Helm Of War,” filters in off the back of the previous song, and delivers a sharp knock on the face for all comers. A song that rolls in face first, and delivers an important message with some serious hooks.

“Heart of Stone,” goes in like a tonne of thunder and delivers a sharp kick in the face for all who come before it.

“Lust For Blood,” closes things up. A song that revels in epicness, and delivers some sharp bites and turns here and there. The vocals are as ever on fire, and the instrumentation is top notch. A song that is a fitting finale.

The album is out on 13th March via High Roller Records.