‘Constellation’ by Stargazery


  • Jari Tiura / Vocals

  • Pete Ahonen / Guitar

  • Pasi Hiltula / Keyboards

  • Marko Pukkila / Bass

  • Illka Leskela / Drums


Musical Feel


Song / Album Composition



  • Sinners In Shadows

  • War Torn

  • Self-Proclaimed King

  • Ripple The Water

  • I Found Angels

  • Constellation

  • Caught In The Crossfire

  • Dark Side Of The Moon

  • In My Blood

  • Raise The Flag

“Sinners In Shadows,”is filled with energy. Stargazery returning with their third album are on fire. The song has it all, a big and bombastic riff, a powerful vocal line and a key line that is incredibly hooky.

“War Torn,” slows things down and gets the listener to think and gather some perspective. The piano does most of the work here whilst the guitars come in for some interesting changes when the heavier side kicks in.

“Self Proclaimed King,” picks up Stargazery’s heavier side, and boy is it a fun journey. There’s a switch here and there, a turn from one side to another and then the shimmering truly begins.

“Ripple The Water,” bangs down hard. A song that is sure to get people amped up when performed live. A truly spectacular venture.

“I Found Angels,” is reflective and thoughtful. A song that ensures the listener knows where to turn to when they need the time.

“Constellation,” the title track is Stargazery at their most progressive. A song that soars through the air and turns the screws ever so slightly. It features brilliant key work, some phenomenal guitar work and the vocals are on point throughout.

“Caught In The Crossfire,” brings the riff and key melody to the point of matching. A song that gets the listener going in such a manner that they are sure to be amped up when the live show comes in.

“Dark Side Of The Moon,” is anthemic. Stargazery really did pull out all the stops for this song. There’s hints of Rainbow, hints of Deep Purple and hints of other songs on the record floating throughout this song. It’s truly something magical.

“In My Blood,” is reflective and epic. A song that ventures forth toward the story concept and brings out the big anthems.

“Raise The Flag,” provides the finale for Stargazery, and boy what a finale it is. The song has everything from the catchy key melody to the solid guitar riffs and the orchestral flairs. The vocals take this to a completely other level.

A brilliant album that is out on May 29th. Do yourself a favour and get this record.